Artist Statement / CV

I create work that investigates the intimacies of landscapes. I often use ideas pertaining to landscape and ecology as metaphors for the body, relationships, and social issues. I find many links between the exploitations of resources, and those of our own bodies and minds. My work compares geographical sites to sites within ourselves, and excavates these sites in an effort to uncover what has been buried. I am interested in site specificity, and in ways that it pertains to both the landscape and to the self.

Through the use of text, I ask questions that pertain to responsibility and ethics.  The text often pulls from scientific and ecological language, but becomes something more: it addresses complicated human relationships, and the ways in which people exploit one another.  I use analytical, systematic language to bring forth ideas that are difficult to articulate, or that can feel impossible to say.

My work generally takes shape in the form of the artist’s book. The artist’s book is an intimate medium that promotes blended texts and visuals.  Books are timeless, yet vulnerable, and have the ability to be profoundly internal. Texture and materiality create an awareness of touch, which refers to my interest in site-specificity. By creating artist’s books, I am able to harness the ideas of intimacy and excavation with sequence, structure, and pacing.


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